About Us

InterAct Asia is a Call Center and Telemarketing services center based in Yangon, Myanmar.  With extensive industry experience and in-depth local knowledge and contacts, we are confident that we can provide the highest levels of service to help you connect, retain, and attain quality customers.

What sets us apart?

  • Extensive, credible filtered data base of customers / business contacts that have been visited and verified by our field agents
  • Management team with over 15 years of BPO / Call Center / Customer Service leadership experience
  • Full accountability: we give  detailed reports on calls we have serviced, and also provide audio recording of those calls as reference to back up our reports
  • Our Call Center is managed under tried and tested Operational Procedures

Operations and Procedures

  • We start at the beginning, with Best Call Center Agents we can get for you. We emphasize training, positive attitude, and alignment of goals
  • Strict performance management procedures are implemented so you get the most out of our services
  • Agents undergo weekly exams to test their product knowledge
  • Based on agents test results they are given refresher courses to improve product knowledge and bridge gaps
  • Agent Calls are monitored by a Quality Auditor and agents are coached on their strengths and weaknesses

Inbound Services

Call Center Outsourcing

  • Keep your customers happy by maximizing the quality of your interactions with them
  • Acquire new customers by leveraging on the efficiency of communications technology
  • Build a relationship with customers by remembering key details about their background
  • Get feedback from your existing customers to further improve service and increase chances of retaining their business

Why Outsource?

  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility and scaling
  • Specialized industry knowledge
  • Local knowledge, contacts, amd market intelligence
  • Expert management and support staff
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Call voice recording for review and analysis
  • Quality monitoring and control
  • Access to latest technology
  • Service 24/7, Seven Days a Week

Outbound Services

Qualified Leads Generation

We target and engage prospects, selected from our extensive database. We qualify, filter and organize the prospects based on their response, providing you with high quality sales prospects, ready-made.

  • Maximize your sales efforts by focusing on qualified, interested leads
  • Leverage on our extensive contact list of businesses and individuals to gain new leads
  • Save time and money by outsourcing to an industry telecommunications expert

Telesales, outsourced

A sales partner like no other.  Let’s work together to increase your sales

  • We sell your products and service for you
  • No risk for you; we operate on pure commission / revenue share
  • Leverage on our extensive contact list of businesses and individuals in Myanmar
  • We work with logistics partners for end-to-end delivery and payment collection

Announcement and Feedback

Send targeted messages and announcements through the phone and gather immediate feedback.

  • Postal system is inadequate and undependable; communication by phone is reliable and immediate
  • Suitable for: announcements, debt collection, invitation, appointment
  • Use your contact list, or leverage on our extensive contact list
  • We compile detailed response lists, as well as analysis and statistical reports

Research and Telesurvey

Gather market intelligence by engaging us to survey and research individuals and businesses

  • Leverage on our extensive contact list and databases
  • Detailed reports and business intelligence analysis
  • Do research and analysis of how your product and the competition is doing in the market and how people perceive or see your product

Contact Us

We would love to show you how our services can help you.
Please feel free to drop by our offices, or contact us.

09-425 844 953

[email protected]

Facebook: @interactasiacom


11(H), Pauk Zaydi Lane 2, 8 Miles, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon 11062, Myanmar